Mealthy Delay Start - Innovation Meets Cooking

We have all been a part of the urge to extend our nights to finish a Netflix series, go for a late-night movie, be the last one to leave the party, catch up on a pending conversation with your loved one.


Doing all this, being fully aware of the mammoth tasks of making breakfast, cooking lunch, getting the kids ready for school, leaving for work awaiting you the next morning.


Grabbing a bite on the way, canteen food or simply ordering online are some easier options but how many times would you wish to do that? And what about the nutrition you would want to give your kids in their growing years?


Ordering Food Online


What if we tell you that your food will be ready by the time you wake up in the morning?

Now cook food while you are asleep with the fully equipped Mealthy Multipot.

The 'Delay Start' shines the best amongst the plethora of options that Mealthy is equipped with.

Mealthy Programs Delay Start


Plan your meals a night before, put all the ingredients in the Mealthy MultiPot. Set a timer using the Delay Start option and a wholesome home-made meal will be ready just in time for you and your loved ones.

Now, go ahead and plan your night without early morning wake up anxieties.

Not just breakfast and lunch but you can plan all your meals before-hand with just the right mixture of ingredients and the correct use of your Mealthy’s Delay Start.

Want to have dinner as soon as you return from office?

Want to have breakfast as soon as you wake up?

Want to invite friends home on a Saturday night and enjoy with them instead of being in the kitchen?

Mealthy with its wide array of features is a perfect answer to all your cooking woes.  


Complete the following steps to run Delay Start:


1. Place the steel pot inside the base and plug in your MutliPot. The LCD screen will display off.

2. Place your prepared ingredients into the pot.

3. Lock the lid in place, tuen the steam vent handle to Sealing or Venting according to the program you will select, and select your program.

4. Press Delay Start. Use +/- buttons to set the number of hours you wish to delay start. Press Delay Start again to set the number of minutes. 

5. After 10 seconds the MultiPot will beep 3 times and the Delay Start timer will begin. After the timer is through, the MultiPot will automatically switch to your selected program. 


Do not use Delay Start for foamy or thick foods (such as porridge or oatmeal). Always monitor cooking progress when working with foamy or thick foods.