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Its summer vacation and you’re at home watching television. Your mother walks in and gives you a task…a task that will determine your near future.

She has asked you to switch off the stove after the pressure cooker whistles twice.


You are too engrossed in your happy time to even bother counting those cooker whistles and *poof* the Damage. Is. Done.

Your mother finds an overly cooked food with a tinge of brown burns.  No guesses to what happens next.


But don’t worry, we can help you.    
Thanks to the technological advancements in every sphere of our lives, even in the kitchen!

The traditional stovetop pressure cookers that works on LPG gas stoves, have undergone an evolution. With features of a pressure cooker and a microwave, electric pressure cookers are slowly gaining momentum.


So here we are to clear all the clouds regarding electric pressure cookers and how this can be useful to you.

What is an Electric Pressure Cooker?

It is a device that uses an induction plate as a source of heat to cook the food that you desire, with the assistance of pre-defined cooking programs and most importantly keeping in mind the safety features to ensure minimal accidents.

Some electric cookers have additional features that enable the user to set cooking time, track cooking progress and even cook two things at once!



Now the question is – Do I really need an electric pressure cooker?


One of the most important things worth pointing out is its safety features. The sensors make sure that the lid is completely sealed before allowing the machine to start. The pressure regulation system gives you a peace of mind and prevents any potential scalding hot pressure to overload.


Another worthy mention is its ability to replace various cooking instruments like cookers for pressure and slow cooking, rice cooker, frying pan, oven, yoghurt maker, steamer, oven and so on. With its various preset program functions, this makes it pretty versatile than an average stove top pressure cooker.


You can cook mouthwatering meals 70% faster – your family, calendar and your general sanity will thank you!

Here are some notable points that makes an electric pressure cooker a great deal:          

1. Cooking Timer

You can set a desired time for a particular recipe, or you can choose a particular preset function that will automatically set the timings, you can dump all the ingredients in and walk away.

This will no longer ask for your attention and you can get back to work.

The timer will countdown, ensuring that the food is cooked to perfection without any fear of overcooking or burning.

Image result for pressing mealthy program functions


2. Smart Scheduling

Modern electric pressure cookers allow you to move a step forward by setting a suitable timing when you’d like to start. The Delay Start option makes it very convenient for vegetables like beans where you can ask your pressure cooker to wait for a certain time before starting the cooking process.

3. Cooking Progress Indicator

It tells you where the machine is in the cooking progress and that if the it is close to pressure. This gives a good idea about the food getting prepared in real time.

Mealthy MultiPot Cooking

4. Accessories

With a wide range of accessories provided with the electric pressure cooker like silicon mitts, silicon gaskets, steamer basket, and trivet, it makes it very convenient and easy to use.

5. Portability and Storage

No more playing chess with your cooking utensils, substituting majority of the cooking appliances into 1, you can have plenty of empty space in your kitchen! This device also makes it a great option to use outdoors. All you need is an electric socket and you are ready to go.

So, what do you choose?

It all comes down to your requirements and needs. If you want a simple unit that heats up faster and which needs constant supervision, you may opt for the stove top pressure cooker. But if you are in for various features, notification bells, and the desire of not sitting in the kitchen all day, electric pressure cooker is for you.

After all it boils down to what is more convenient to you, you can choose as per your features and the cooking time you require and go ahead with what suits your needs.