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Most of the working population are resorting to technologies that make lives easier for them, especially when it comes to time and effort that is invested in cooking. It would be great to simply come home with food readily available to serve, and hence, Electric Pressure Cookers come to your rescue. 

It is the most handy and versatile kitchen tool that you would want to invest. With various advantages like Pre set cooking timers, Multi Purpose cooking, safe gadget for the young and old, delayed cooking cycles, and cooking progress indicator to help you monitor the cooking stage. 

HomeZene places Mealthy Multipot on its top position and makes it simply the best buy in the mid-budget electric cooker category:


Mealthy MultiPot HomeZene

"Do you still have the notion that pressure cookers are only used for boiling things? Not anymore. This electric pressure cooker can handle the work of all other cooking utensils singlehandedly.


We have placed the Mealthy Multipot on the 1st position owing to its utility quotient.

You can use this electric cooker to perform nine functions, and it also has 14 pre-set programs that make cooking fun. The 6-liter capacity is sufficient to cook a meal for a whole family. You can as well use this electric pressure cooker for cooking two dishes at the same time by putting into use the 4 cm raised trivet and steamer that comes along with it. It has a warranty of 5 years.


If there is one thing that seems worrisome about the traditional cooker is the amount of guesswork that one needs to do. The story is entirely different with this electric cooker, as it has an LCD panel that shows the exact progress of your cooking.

The Mealthy pot is a superfast electric cooker that can prepare a meal within a matter of minutes. You can as well delay the cooking or use it to slow-cook. Multiple functions and cooking options along with the complimentary items simply make this mid-budget electric cooker the best."

Source: HomeZene